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Zé Eduardo

Here is the double bassist, composer and arranger that invented a new verb in Portuguese, “jazzar”, which means “playing jazz” in just one word. After “jazzing” the music written for Portuguese cinema through the decades, he “jazzed” (transposed to jazz language) the songs of an emblematic troubador connected to the resistance against fascism and to the revolutionary years after the uprisal of April 25 of 1974 in Portugal: José Afonso. In the same vein as Charlie Haden’s Liberation Music Orchestra, his album “A Jazzar no Zeca” was received by music critics as something very different from what is done today under the label “jazz”. Even so, this educator (he was and still is the responsable of pedagogical programs that changed and are changing jazz teaching in this country and in Spain) and orchestra director bases every movement in the history of jazz, and specially the be bop and post-be bop tradition. This is particularly evident in Zé Eduardo’s partnership with trumpeter Jack Walrath, member of several Charles Mingus ensembles, as we can hear in “Bad Guys”. Mingusian in all aspects of it’s conception, this work includes an excelent interpretation of a piece by the jazz legend, “Sue’s Changes”. Truth is that his records and concerts are only the top of the iceberg in what concerns the importance of Zé Eduardo in Portuguese jazz. Many young musicians now active in this scene were once his pupils and what they’re doing is touched by his influence.

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A Jazzar no Zeca – A Música de José Afonso OUT OF STOCK
Zé Eduardo Unit
Bad Guys
Ze Eduardo/ Jack Walrath Quartet
A Jazzar – Live in Capuchos
Zé Eduardo Unit
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