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Jackson Krall

Percussionist, drum and bell maker, creator of sound sculptures, Jackson Krall is building a solid career, and if he’s not more recognised by the press that’s not because of him – in fact, he’s one of the more interesting drummers working today in the New York downtown scene. He studied with Bill Dixon at the University of Wisconsin and the Bennington College, and Alan Silva invited him for several of his projects, in trio, quartet or with his Sound Vision Orchestra – for instance, when this big band performed a piece by Dixon conducted by the trumpeter himself. Cecil Taylor and William Parker are his other bosses, and with the master pianist some recordings of the Nineties document that enriching colaboration for both parts – the drummers’s almost telephatic cohesion with bass player Dominic Duval turned them in an unbeatable rhythm section. Krall’s partnerships with alto saxophonist Marco Eneidi since the Eighties are a good example of improvisation as an intuitive and empirical form of sound experimentalism. Peter Brotzmann was a special guest in a gig they had with bassist Lisle Ellis, put to record as “Live at Spruce Street Forum”, and the association with the German musician made all the sense, considering that European free improvised music is a reference of his playing. Even if considering his “free-but-funky” approach. Jackson Krall may like to work in abstract contexts, but he always grooves. Maybe he’s like a bull in a china shop, to quote an enthusiastic but not very exact concert review, but he knows how to avoid to break all the nice objects. He’s heavy, for sure, but agile as a cat.

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