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Steve Lehman

Forget all the preconceptions you have about music being a matter of repetition and rhythm a pattern thing. Saxophonist Steve Lehman has a goal that reverses the organized sound world as you thought it was: he wants to create a groove-oriented music without using repetition as a structural device, also applying the harmonic ideas of Spectralists Tristan Murail and Gerard Grisey. Well, what would you expect from someone that studied in the Wesleyan University with Anthony Braxton and New Music composers Alvin Lucier and Ron Kuivila? But don’t expect to hear from him something near experimental or classical contemporary musics: Lehman has as main influence the playing of Jackie McLean, and the “modern jazz” top figure was another of his masters. He’s so into his music that he teaches McLean’s procedures in seminars. He also developed a deep research about Braxton’s concepts, and in consequence the multi-instrumentalist invited him to his Ghost Trance Ensemble. Very aware of what happens musically around him, he already confessed an interest in electronica and hip-hop, and namely in Autechre, Squarepusher and Anti-Pop Consortium. We find reflections of that in his album “Artificial Light”, released at the same time as “Interface”, this one more free jazz oriented and counting with the very special talents of drummer Pheeroan Aklaff and bassist Mark Dresser. Like McLean and Braxton, alto sax is Steve Lehman’s first instrument, but is the sopranino that takes him to unexplored territory.

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