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Dennis González

Poet, linguist, painter, teacher and musician, trumpeter Dennis González has everything of a renaissance man. Founder of an organization (Daagnim) similar to AACM for the Dallas scene, where he lives, in his career of 30 years he played with jazz luminaries like Max Roach, Cecil Taylor, Henry Grimes, Frank Lowe, Ahmed Abdullah, Andrew Cyrille, Douglas Ewart, Fred Hopkins, Oliver Lake, Charles Brackeen, Malachi Favors and many more. “Keep kicking down the barriers” is his project in all the areas of intervention he’s involved with, be it in his hometown or on the other side of the Atlantic, in Portugal for instance, where he has two records released. More interested in seeing things happen than in taking gain from his art, he had already to pay in order to have his music played – an old story which is a constant in the history of jazz and other non comercial music forms. The insistence and determination made him one of the most important voices of present day American improvised music, a loner that knew how to fight isolation. The names of his ensembles are clear enough about his will of connecting communities in a common music language, like NY Quartet or New DallasOrleanssippi. And he is so open now as he ever was before: the two other members of his group Yells At Eels, his two sons Aaron and Stefan, come from punk rock. It wasn’t only them to receive their father’s influence; Dennis also takes what they have to give.

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NY Midnight Suite
Dennis González NY Quartet
Idle Wild
Dennis González Spirit Meridian
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Dennis González Boston Project
Lisbon Improvisation Players
A Measure of Vision
Alvin Fielder Trio
Dance of the Soothsayer’s Tongue (Live at Tonic)
Dennis González NY Quartet
Dennis González / João Paulo
So Soft Yet
Dennis González / João Paulo
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