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François Corneloup

The baritone and soprano saxophonist points as main characteristics of his playing the option to engage in egoless, colective, situations (“Instinct grégaire” is the title of one of his compositions, telling everything about this attitude) and to risk in foreign music territories, either using popular themes or more difficult sound constructions. A selflearned musician, he worked with the likes of Bernard Lubat, Claude Barthelemy, Henri Texier and Gérard Marais, and is involved in a great quantity of projects, including a baritone trio with Daunik Lazro and Serge Bertocchi, a duo with Sylvain Kassap and participations in the Hélène Labarrière Quartet, the Collectif Zhivaro, the Louis Sclavis Quintet, the groups Oeil de Breizh and Grand Lousadzak, among others. Leader of his own groups, and co-leader of others, François Raulin, Claude Tchamitchian, Eric Echampard, Philippe Deschepper, Fabrice Charles, Vincent Courtois, Médéric Collignon, Marc Ducret and Yves Robert are his most regular partners. Better company in France is impossible. In some of his work, Corneloup abandons the solistic-melodic role of the saxophonist to act like a bassist, and in that way positioning himself at the heart of the structures (“with the baritone, that’s easy, and I can always get out, such are the lyric possibilities of this instrument”, he tells). With a classicaly inspired perspective of how to structure an improvisation, François Corneloup has Messiaen and Berlioz as references, specially the later. And this because the 19th century composer creates a sort of orchestral puzzle – when combined, the pieces give not only a global logic to the composition but also its movement. That’s what the French sax player tries to do with his combos.

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