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Rodrigo Amado

For Portuguese saxophonist Rodrigo Amado, improvisation isn’t only a process of making music, but a philosophical, even if practical, cause. His project Lisbon Improvisation Players and other groups he formed, like the trio with Ken Filiano and Carlos “Zíngaro” in “The Space Between”, have as main purpose the idea to open the concept of instant composition to as many perspectives as possible, and that’s why he likes to change partners and situations. With one foot in jazz and the other in free improvisation, what he likes most is to play jazz without any tunes or preconceived structures. So, his improvisation is not free in formal terms, but is free anyway because without determined directions, and that ambiguity is what interests him. With no musical academic background, Amado learned the saxophone playing (alto, C melody, tenor and baritone) since he was 17 years old, either alone, with private teachers or in the jazz school of the Lisbon’s Hot Club. Curious about how other music styles deal with real time and spontaneity, it’s usual to see him playing with, for instance, hip-hip DJs or with electronic experimental musicians. Vinny Golia, Joe Giardullo, Kent Kessler, Paal Nilssen-Love, Mark Whitecage, Dominic Duval and Peter Epstein are among the musicians with whom he played already.

Rodrigo Amado's records on clean feed
The Implicate Order at Seixal
Implicate Order
Live_Lx Meskla OUT OF STOCK
Lisbon Improvisation Players
Lisbon Improvisation Players
The Space Between
Rodrigo Amado - Carlos Zíngaro - Ken Filiano
Lisbon Improvisation Players
Humanization 4tet
Humanization 4tet
Wire Quartet
Rodrigo Amado Wire Quartet
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