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Marco Franco

We could say there’s two Marco Francos, the drummer and the saxophonist (soprano only, after putting aside his alto), but the truth is that his sax playing influenced what he does with a drum set, and working with rhythm determines much of his saxophone broken lines. He plays drums with guitarrist and composer Nuno Rebelo in free improvisation situations, even if rock based (like in “ZDB”, CD with electric bassist Kato Hideki as the third element), and with the percussion quartet Tim Tim por Tim Tum, colective formed after a workshop with Max Roach, in which music we can find some ethnic, traditional elements. With the soprano we hear him in “Live_Lx Meskla”, with Rodrigo Amado’s Lisbon Improvisation Players, in a more jazz oriented context, and in “23 Exposures”, with violinist/violist Ernesto Rodrigues and percussionist/prepared acoustic guitar explorer José Oliveira, trio specialized in a microtonal, near silent improv work. His ability to adapt to different situations (jazz, rock, experimental music and more) is an example of the present day indifference by creative musicians in what concerns boundaries between music styles. And not only music: when playing with Nuno Rebelo in dance contexts, it’s not strange to see him abandon his instrument to dance with the other performers.

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