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Carlos Barretto

After an interesting attempt to marry jazz with Portuguese folk music, bassist Carlos Barretto decided to get “European”, forging a continental sound and inviting for this purpose musicians like Louis Sclavis and François Corneloup to play with him. After all, he made his advanced music studies in Austria and lived and worked for some years in France, country where he met Mal Waldron, starting a proficuous colaboration with the great jazz pianist. During this period, in the search of his inner voice he made a long journey from mainstream to more open situations. The CD “Lokomotiv” is one of the results and his encounter with Carlos “Zíngaro” in live situations is another one. He sees his path in music like an “eternal apprentice”. In order to evolve he sustains that he “must break the rules and get free of the shapes”. In the sequence of his efforts, he turned to be one of the most international jazz musicians in Portugal. Barry Altschull, Don Moye, Karl Berger and Steve Lacy are among the names refered in his CV as ocasional partners, and in Portugal he plays regularly with the likes of Mário Delgado, José Salgueiro and Bernardo Sassetti, three of the more important musicians in the Lisbon jazz scene. An historic and memorable concert put him side by side with two other Portuguese double bass players of the first rank, Carlos Bica and Zé Eduardo.

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Mário Delgado
Carlos Barretto Trio
Afonso Pais
Bernardo Sassetti Trio
Bernardo Sassetti Trio2
Tangled Tango
Ethan Winogrand
Radio Song
Carlos Barretto Trio
Bernardo Sassetti Trio
Carlos Barretto Trio
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