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Afonso Pais

Answering to the demanding of a journalist to use just one word to define jazz, young guitarrist Afonso Pais told that one word is not enough to characterize an artistic expression, but even so he tried and said “improvisation”. That’s what interests him most in this kind of music, anyhow.

Working with bassist Carlos Barretto and drummer Alexandre Frazão, two of the most important jazz players in Portugal, in his very first CD, “Terranova”, gave him some of the best that improvisation offer in this country. It’s clear that he is a bopper, but it’s with no surprise that we can hear him pick a tune by free jazz icon Ornette Coleman like “Round Trip” and jam with it.

The truth is that Afonso isn’t only another guitarrist: he studied at the Berklee School of Music, in Boston, and at the New School University / Mannes College of Music, in New York, and those facts give him some weight. One of his greatest loves in music is a pianist, Thelonious Monk, but that’s natural for someone that had the piano as his first instrument, replaced by the guitar only because of the “versatility” of this ax, to quote him exactly as he put it.

Brasilian popular music is one of his sources, giving sometimes a tropical taste to his jazz chops. And why not? Did you know that Louis Armstrong played with the Brasilian accordion player Sivuca?

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