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Wilber Morris

A product of the first college to iniciate African-American Studies, the North Peralta Community College, in Oakland, California, late double bass master Wilbur Morris was a constant presence in free jazz combos since the Seventies. Died shortly after the release of “Waxwebwind@ebroadway”, with the Trio Viriditas, this companion of many stellar names, like Makanda Ken McIntyre, David Murray, Kevin Norton, his brother Lawrence “Butch” Morris and Charles Gayle, among many others, was famous for his power-driven playing, even if showing an elasticity that allowed him to adapt easily to all situations. One of the most afirmative bassists around, is with no wonder that we hear his muscular improvisations, full of verve and stamina, with noise guitarrist Rudolph Grey’s group Blue Humans, having saxophonist Arthur Doyle, the most out-of-this-world free player, as guest soloist. But Morris recorded music isn’t only a matter of impact: as a composer, with for instance his Wilber/Force Trio, he shows a great sense of musicality, with nuance and even a gentle precision as basic characteristics. Sun Ra and Don Cherry profited once from his special skills, and like them, even if not being in the front rank, this extraordinary musician gained a deserved place in the heaven of jazz. Maybe he’s keeping wonderful jams with Louis Armstrong and Charlie Parker, but he’s missed down here.

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Trio Viriditas
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