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Kevin Norton

Chamber music with jazz forms, is what drummer and vibraphone player Kevin Norton gives us. He played already with the cream of the avant garde, from Anthony Braxton to Fred Frith, with Mark Dresser, Fred Lonberg-Holm and James Emery in between, among other top performers, but his name established himself with is own projects, totally notated, through composed or interily improvised. Influenced by Taoism, he likes to use contrasts, associating classical and jazz elements or atonality and folk modalisms. Form, for him, is an essential element, and in his records it’s never to obvious, refusing the conventional structuration “theme – variations – return to theme”. But don’t take it wrong: he likes to swing sometimes, and to go straightahead to some point in the distance in which direction the music takes him. Putting traps along that crossing allow him not to do things the easiest way. Using 12-tone techniques, for instance, is one of those attempts to trick himself and the other musicians of his groups. Very apropriately, he calls it “guerilla operations”. No wonder that he dedicated one of his more brilliant CDs to Guy Débord, the theoricist of the Situationist movement, anarchy made an art issue.

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