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Sérgio Carolino

Portuguese Sérgio Carolino is really an enthusiast of the elephant-instrument. He plays it, either in classical and jazz contexts, he reviews its records and interviews its performers (Bob Stewart, for instance) for the ITEA Journal, published by the International Tuba and Euphonium Association, and he teaches it in the Lisbon’s Superior School of Music.

Carolino studied in the prestigious Superior Conservatory of Geneva (Switzerland) with Pierre Pilloud and Kurt Sturzegger and attended master classes with the biggest names of international tuba playing, among them jazz “serpent” inventor Michel Godard. Constantly on the move as a Yamaha Artist giving masterclasses and recitals in Europe, he is (or was) also member of several symphonic and chamber orchestras, like Oporto’s National Orchestra, Lisbon’s Metropolitan Orchestra, Gulbenkian’s Symphonic Orchestra and Remix Ensemble, and plays with the dixieland band Estardalhaço da Geringoça and with TGB, a not very conventional trio with electric guitarrist Mário Delgado and drummer Alexandre Frazão that can play Thelonious Monk and imediatly after a Led Zeppelin cover.

Colaborations with Carlos Barretto and Bernardo Sassetti, two of the most relevant names in Portuguese jazz, are also on his CV. Multiphonic Pocket Band and Tubophonia are his tuba-centered projects, the first one a funk quintet and the other working with a repertoire of contemporary music. If Sérgio Carolino’s use of multiphonics recalls what Albert Mangelsdorf did with the trombone, he points trumpeter Miles Davis as his great influence in what concerns jazz phrasing and Tommy Dorsey and Frank Sinatra (!!!) as examples of the vibrato he likes to obtain. For the near future, Carolino announces a TGB partnership with trombonist Ray Anderson. We’re looking forward...

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