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Andrew Barker

Until the middle Nineties, Andrew Barker’s efforts (with Charles Waters) to play improvised music in Atlanta colided with the incomprehension of producers, institutions and press, but they managed to develop a cult status among those who heard them play in duo or went to a Gold Sparkle Band concert in some art gallery.

Sirone (of Revolutionary Ensemble fame) and Daniel Carter convinced both the drummer and the saxophonist / clarinetist to move to New York and everything changed, cult respect giving place to standing ovations. Barker found imediatly a place in the Roy Campbell’s Quintet and in the Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra, lead by double bassist William Parker.

The door was open and oportunities multiplied, coming from connections established with Sabir Mateen, Matthew Shipp, Chris Jonas, Rob Brown, Assif Tsahar, Mat Maneri, Myra Melford, and even “Butch” Morris, Ken Vandermark, John Zorn, Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore and jazz legend Sonny Simmons.

Nothing like going to the capital of the world to be recognised. Records like “Apostolic Polyphony” (Barker, Waters and Matthew Shipp) and “Thunder Reminded Me” (Gold Sparkle Trio: Barker and Water with Adam Roberts) reveal a solid keeper of energy that does much more than to maintain the groove going on. Even because he sometimes does it with no regular metrics. And he’s not a tricot percussionist neither, concerned with filling the space with little sound elements.Every strike he adds, hard or soft, happens in the right place at the right time, even if he seems in a constant zig-zag.

“Time Out New York” called him “the savagely sharp drummer”...

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