Cadence Magazine review by Grego Applegate Edwards

Lucky 7s – Pluto Junkyard (CF 141)
The writing, the arranging, the playing and the concept of Lucky 7s must be termed brilliant. It has it all and it executes it with spirit, even joy. This is a band that should get plenty of attention.

They deserve it. Perhaps this release will go some way in providing it. Yet Bishop and Albert do not work together right now with a lot of regularity. Both are doing very good things in their own way, Albert with his own group and as a curator-performer with the Open Ears concert series in New Orleans, Bishop in Chicago and around the world with various groupings. Yet Lucky 7s is something very special, even given what they do on their own. The combination of players and material strikes lightning, if that is a phrase that works. They combine their talents in a really terrific lineup of players and–ZAP!

Both the writing and the instrumentation bring to mind the Hutcherson, McLean, Moncur, Dolphy Blue Note classics of the mid‘60s. And the all-over passage writing of George Russell also comes to mind. Neither of these influences are anything but starting points to a wholly original venture into midsized group improv. What’s impressive is the constant musical inspiration. Written parts enter, exit, enter underneath solos and so forth. There’s always something of musical interest happening and nothing sounds the least bit rote. Strong solos from all the horns and the vibes occur throughout, and Adasiewicz’s interaction with the impressive Gombisky-Kirchner rhythm section is really something to hear. I could rehearse the blow-by-blow description of each piece and what happens, but it’s just all good. I’ll leave it to your ears. We need more of this. We need people going to see this band and buying this CD. All I can do is write this review. The rest is up to others. I seriously recommend this CD to you, however. It has everything going for it that modern Jazz could offer you. Get the blanking thing and play it. I don’t imagine you’d be disappointed. I can’t see how you would be. ©Cadence Magazine 2010

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