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8.90 €

The Other Side of This
Steve Adams / Ken Filiano
Ken Filiano (b), Steve Adams (reeds),

The other side of this, of course, is exactly the music proposed by Filiano and Adams, not any other, but listened in another way, actively, not as a scenario for reading a magazine, having a conversation or driving in the highway. You have to commit yourself to listen to the proposed sounds, to be there, on the spot, and thatís why this isnít a duo record, but a trio one. Thereís Ken Filiano with his bass and some electronics, thereís Steve Adams with his saxophones and flutes and thereís you, the guy who really is the reason for the existence of this music. Donít believe those artists who say they play or paint or perform for themselves. Theyíre lying. They do what they do because thereís a third party that will testify their creativity. The point is you can do it in an uncompromising manner, not involving yourself in the process, or you can develope a role, your own role. In this case, that means discovering whatís hidden on this disc, extracting the diamond from the stone. Everything that sounds, sounds for you. If it doesnít sound for you, it doesnít exist. Itís very simple, indeed. The two musicians donít make the task more easier, but why should they? Youíre pushed to the limits, with only some moments of relaxation to enable you to breath, and soon they install again more and more tension, growing as a tempest in the seashore. Itís difficult music only if youíre easy. Truth is that ďThe Other Side of ThisĒ gives us the best of what the most requested of the Brooklyn bassists and the Rova Saxophone Quartet member ever put on record. Do yourself a favor and open those ears.


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