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The Edge of the Forest OUT OF STOCK
Darren Johnston
Ben Goldberg (cl), Darren Johnston (t), Devin Hoff (b), Rob Reich (acc), Sheldon Brown (ts), Smith Dobson V (d),

Down Beat Magazine listed Darren Johnston as one of the �25 Trumpeters of the Future�, but in the measure that he is bringing the future to the present. Canadian of origin, but one of the most interesting musicians of the Bay Area scene, Johnston is involved in the best new jazz and creative music coming from the West Coast of the United States. Fred Frith, the members of the Rova Saxophone Quartet, and pianist Myra Melford have been some of his partners, and this curricular information only gives an idea of his accomplishments. Johnston is also very active as a composer for dance companies, and that kind of vision is sensed in �The Edge of the Forest�. With companions like Ben Goldberg, Sheldon Brown, Devin Hoff and Smith Dobson V (also accordionist Rob Reich on one track), this new album offers a project in which the compositional work is developed in order to ignite improvisation of the finest order. But if the written part of these tunes is functional, the beauty we perceive is immediately suggested by the melodies. Some have an introspective, meditative configuration, almost like sound-scapes; others are blasts of energy, with argumentative and eloquent solos. You can't find more refreshing music than this.


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