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Assim Falava Jazzatustra OUT OF STOCK
J˙lio Resende

After the success of his debut album, ´┐ŻDa Alma´┐Ż, comes the confirmation of the status obtained by the young pianist J´┐Żlio Resende with a second project, ´┐ŻAssim Falava Jazzatustra´┐Ż. His International Quartet includes notable Spanish alto saxophonist Perico Sambeat, a renowned bassist from Norway, Ole Morten Vagan, and the cream of the new generation of Portuguese jazz: Joel Silva as the permanent drummer and the invited artists, in one track, Desid´┐Żrio L´┐Żzaro (tenor saxophone), Jo´┐Żo Cust´┐Żdio (bass) and, coming from the pop band Cl´┐Ż, Manuela Azevedo (voice). For this effort, Resende proposed himself, and to the other participants, to refuse in their playing anything that could hide or alienate their own personal styles, in the search of authenticity. Following this principle, the quartet deals only with original compositions. With one exception: a jazz cover of a rock ´┐Żclassic´┐Ż, ´┐ŻShine On Your Crazy Diamond´┐Ż, by Pink Floyd. The special guests have an important contribution: Sambeat is a top figure in Spain, either performing in a post-bop format or leading flamenco-jazz mixed formulas. An heir of the style of Charles Mingus, Vagan is a sideman of first choice by important names like Jonas Kullhammar or Bugge Wesseltoft. The resulting music is fresh, connected to the tradition but going very far, and always surprising. A gratifying achievement in any part of the world.


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