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I NEVER META GUITAR (solo guitars for the XXI Century)

Curated by Elliott Sharp, this compilation presents the "state of the art" in today's guitar. Included are some of the most established pioneers, like Henry Kaiser, Jean-François Pauvros, Michael Gregory, Mike Cooper, Brandon Ross, Jeff Parker and, of course, Sharp himself, but also the new heroes of the electric or acoustic six-string instrument: Nels Cline, Raoul Bjorkenheim, Noel Akchoté, Scott Fields, and Mary Halvorson, plus some less internationally known (but no less remarkable) figures active in the domains of free improvisation and experimental music, namely Janet Feder, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Mick Barr, and Gunnar Geisse. Every idiomatic reference or influence is in the equation, from folk, blues, jazz, rock, and noise to classical contemporary, world music, lounge, and exotica, in a myriad of individual concepts showing us the very wide field of possibilities which characterizes the art of sounds in this beginning of the 21st century. As Elliott Sharp writes on his liner notes, this diversity is guaranteed by musicians who have "one foot in the future and one in the past": artists with "their ass directly in the NOW". These are the representatives of some of the most rewarding guitar music played these days for you to wonder and cherish.

Produced by Elliott Sharp
Mastered by E# at Studio zOaR - NYC

1. Mary Halvorson - In Two Parts Missing
Recorded and mixed by E# at Studio zOaR

2. Jeff Parker - Act As If Nothing Ever Happened (Umjabuglafeesh Music - BMI).
"Recorded by myself at Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart, June, 2009 and by Curtis Ruptash at The Wayback Machine in Chicago, January of 2010. This piece is composed of three overdubbed tracks of myself playing the electric guitar through, at varying times, a digital delay, a filter sweep, and a ring modulator. I hope you find the story I was trying to tell to be enjoyable."

A live improvisation, played simultaneously on five acoustics and an electric - dedicated to Nels Cline

4. Jean-François Pauvros - Migrant Song
Recorded by Jean-Marc Foussat

5. Janet Feder - Heater
Recorded by Colin Bricker at Notably Fine Audio in Denver, Co on 10/19/09,
using 1 Neumann KM86, and 1 Neumann KM85 into Grace microphone preamps and Apogee converters.
The recording is live using no electronic effects on a baritone classical guitar made by Milan Sabljic.
"Heater is a love song. To my heater".

6. Raoul Björkenheim - I Told You So
Electric viola da gamba recorded at Rosebud studio, New York City / Mastered by Robert Musso and Raoul Björkenheim

7. Noel Akchote - Joanna
Recorded 26.10.2009 by Christophe Albertijn in Studio The Rabbitfield (Hoboken, Belgium)
Special Thanks to Stef Kamil Carlens

8. Nels Cline - Study for Hairpin and Hatbox

9. Brandon Ross - Until Iago Whispered
Composed and performed by Brandon Ross / 6 string banjo
Recorded by Irene Trudel @ WNYC Studios, NYC, April 2009 / Mixed by Chuck Zwicky @ Chelsea Manor, NYC, January 2010

10. Mike Cooper - Storyteller (Ornette Coleman)
"Always amazed that more people don't do this tune - combines the saxophone melody line with a version of the bass part and then some free improvisation - recorded on my 1930's National Tri-Plate using a Zoom H2 and the built in mics - added a slight delay for some 'room ambience' after in Garage Band. The rattle you hear is a shell bracelet I wear"

11. Michael Gregory - Blue Blue
Written, Arranged and Produced by Michael Gregory
Michael Gregory - Guitar Niels Præstholm - Contrabass Kresten Osgood - Drums
Recorded at On Location Recording Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark, Jon Meinild Engineer / Mixed at L.R.S. Recording Studio, Kingston N.Y. U.S.A., Dave Cook Engineer and Michael Gregory / "chord melody piece I wrote whilst inspired by big band swinging blues."

12. Scott Fields - Buzkashi
Recorded at Topaz Studios by Reinhard Kobialka, Cologne, Germany, January 24, 2010 / guitar: 2006 C.P. Thornton Jazz Elite - amplifier: Mesa-Boogie F50 / no effects, recorded live without overdubs or edits - Played with fingertips and fingernails.

13. Kazuhisa Uchihashi - Little Creatures
Recorded live at Shinjuku Pit Inn,Tokyo

14. Mick Barr - Coiled Malescense
Recorded at home 2/28/10

15. Gunnar Geisse - The Day Rauschenberg Met de Kooning

16. Elliott Sharp - Telemetry
Performed on Koll 8-string guitarbass, Timefactor delay
Recorded live - no edits or overdubs - Studio zOaR - NYC -Feb. 2010

All compositions by the performers except when noted


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