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(Put Your) Hands Together OUT OF STOCK
Nate Wooley Quintet
Eivind Opsvik (b), Harris Eisenstadt (d), Josh Sinton (bcl), Matt Moran (vib), Nate Wooley (t),

By this time we have all learned to expect everything from trumpeter Nate Wooley, from post-bop heritage to the most abstract improvisation. This CD adds something more to what you already know about this extraordinary musician. Not because it mixes his diferent interests in one project although it does , but because he keeps things going forward, never repeating himself. Of course, with a little help from his friends, who provide Nate with all the "space" he needs to act. With personal references like Steve Lacy and John Cage, bass clarinetist Josh Sinton combines the tradition and the the avant-garde with the same naturality and the same competence. Dealing with the, only apparent, delicacy of the vibraphone's crystal clear sounds, Matt Moran confirms a comparison already made between him and a speed-chess player. Eivind Opsvik uses the contrabass as a sculpting tool, never emprisoned with just one box of idiomatic vocabularies. Last but not least, drummer Harris Eisenstadt provides the polyrhythmic mastery he brought from his African travels, and the contemporary classical techniques he introduced in his jazz playing. "(Put Your) Hands Together" is a particularly inventive example of the progressive music performed these days.


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