Dusted Magazine – Nick Millevoi – Desertion

By Bill Meyer

Be aware that no matter what angle you use to approach Nick Millevoi’s music, you are dealing with a blind spot. Inspired by John Zorn’s multi-genre mash-ups, the Philadelphia-based guitarist has played metal, prog, and jazz with equal facility, and stepped with aplomb into the position of co-lead guitarist in Chris Forsyth’s Solar Motel Band. Desertion is, once more, something different. Backed by a combo of guys who like their jazz electric and impure, he has put together a celebration of Western sounds and vistas. Even within a tune, Millevoi is restless. On one, a twangy march slaloms into a rave-up in the vein of The Tony Williams Lifetime. On another, a Band-like rustic trudge is overlaid with quicksilver Richard Lloyd-like licks. Who knows what the guy will do next, but why wait or wonder when you can kick back, play this and unreel a jump-cut, big-sky drama behind your shuttered eyeballs?



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