Gapplegate Guitar and Bass Blog – Fred Frith | Darren Johnston – Everybody’s Somebody’s Nobody

By Grego Applegate Edwards

We greet this day with a nicely put-together duet album of Fred Frith‘s guitar and Darren Johnston‘s trumpet on Everybody/s Somebody/s Nobody (Clean Feed 357). Johnston will be familiar to many for his trumpet and compositional stance, especially on the West Coast but also in Chicago. My blogs have encountered him frequently enough and nicely so. Fred Frith many will know as one of the premiere avant electric guitarists today, who can be counted upon to come through with excellent work whether on the avant rock or the jazz-improv sides of things.
The duet album integrates horizontal, subtle periodicity grooves with “modal” leanings and a bit of rock strength with more outside excursions, showing the fine structural sense of the two as spontaneous improvisers and compositionally oriented notemasters.

Eleven pieces have their say in a wide universe of substyles. They show the versatility and command of the two players and in the process give us all a fine listening experience.

These two are gold. And they really connect. Find out how by giving the album a close listen! Outstanding!


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