Free Jazz Top 10 2008 by Stef

Top 10 in random order (and as said before, I am not good at maths)

Raymond MacDonald & Günter “Baby” Sommer – Delphinius & Lyra : raw, expressive, creative
Tony Malaby – Tamarindo : raw, deeply emotional, sensitive, creative
Larry Ochs & Drum Core – Up From Under – powerful, creative, expressive
Exploding Star Orchestra – We Are All From Somewhere Else : an absolutely unique listening experience
Louis Sclavis – L’Imparfait Des Langues : a wonderful integration of many styles
Padmanabha & Daniel Carter – Nivesana : the essence
Wadada Leo Smith & Günter “Baby” Sommer – Wisdom In Time : the essence too
Dennis Gonzalez – Dance Of The Soothsayer’s Tongue : emotional and sober jazz
Mark O’Leary – On The Shore : superb and sober creativity
Other Dimensions In Music – Live At Sunset : this is free jazz
Marc Ribot – Asmodeus : power guitar with subtlety
Brian Groder – Torque : subtle creative
Henri Texier – Alerte à L’Eau : Texier, himself

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