Jazz prospecting by Tom Hull

TGB – Evil Things (CF 181)
Portuguese trio: Sérgio Carolino (tuba), Mário Delgado (guitar), Alexandre Frazão (drums). Delgado wrote six pieces, Frazão three; one is a group improv, and four more are from others — only one my eyes can make out is Bill Evans. Rather scattered, as you might expect given how they juxtapose originals named for “George Harrison” and “Aleister Crowley” — the latter may be the one that sounds like slightly bent Black Sabbath. The tango/soundtrack-ish “Close Your Eyes” is a choice cut, and the high-speed tuba bebop solo on “Tangram” is a hoot, but there’s too much evil for my taste; suggest they lighten up and call their next one Mischievous Things. B+(*)

Angles: Epileptical West: Live in Coimbra (CF 182)
Sextet, haven’t tracked every member down but safe to say Scandinavian. Leader is Swedish alto saxophonist Martin Küchen, b. 1966, nothing under his own name but also works in Exploding Customer (which has scored a couple of HMs here), Trespass Trio, and Sound of Mucus. Second album for group, with Magnus Broo (trumpet), Mats Älekint (trombone), Mattias Ståhl (vibes), Johan Berthling (bass), and Kjell Nordeson (drums). Big beat, roiling horns, scattered tinkles from the vibes, loud and propulsive. Makes me smile all over. A-

Kris Davis/Ingrid Laubrock/Tyshawn Sorey – Paradoxical Frog (CF 183)
Not familiar with Laubrock, although she also appears on the Tom Rainey record still awaiting my attention. Tenor saxophonist, b. 1970 in Germany, based in London and/or Brooklyn; five albums since 1997 by most counts, which file this one under Davis, a pianist from Canada who specializes in fast and furious saxophonists — Rye Eclipse with Tony Malaby is my top recommendation. Sorey is a drummer, plays in Fieldwork and has a couple albums on his own that are more focused on his composition than his percussion. This should click in interesting ways, but Laubrock isn’t that fleet and that seems to slow down the others. Also a queer stretch of silence (or very low volume) creates a false ending — not sure what’s going on there. B+(*)

Tom Rainey Trio – Pool School (CF 185)
 Album says this was recorded “on September 4th, 2010” — I assume that’s a typo for 2009. Rainey is a drummer who’s made a big impression, especially in Tim Berne’s groups. Has a long credits list going back to 1987, but this is the first album under his own name. Gets all the composition credits, too. Trio includes Ingrid Laubrock on tenor and soprano sax and Mary Halvorson on guitar. Both tend to wobble here, which is sort of an art form for Halvorson, harder to speculate on with Laubrock. Free playing, takes a lot of attention, doesn’t give much back, even from the drummer. B+(*)

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