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Dreams From a Clown Car


Ken Filiano & Quantum Entanglements

Ken Filiano (b), Michael Attias (bs), Michael T.A. Thompson (d), Tony Malaby (ts),


Having recorded with the best on the east and west coasts of the USA — Anthony Braxton, Bill Dixon, John Carter,Vinny Golia, Jason Hwang, Dom Minasi, Taylor Ho Bynum,Richard Grossman, Connie Crothers, Paul Smoker,Roswell Rudd, Steve Adams and many, many others — Ken Filiano is back in the Clean Feed catalogue for the debut release of his quartet, Quantum Entanglements, comprising Michael Attias, Tony Malaby and Michael T.A. Thompson (also regulars on the Lisbon label). As leader and composer, Filiano shows he has much to offer in addition to his instant inventiveness and extraordinary virtuosic capacities as a double bassist who “can play anything in any context and make it work” (Chris Kelsey). The compositions are all signed by the Brooklyn musician, revealing another facet of his admirable skills. As a composer, Filiano is very much aware he’s dealing with accomplished improvisers (himself included), and so conceives his scores both as melodic structures and platforms for improvisation. This doesn’t mean he composes less, but that he intentionally composes in a way that opens up the inherent possibilities of both compositional and improvisational structures. The reed frontline formed by Attias and Malaby has already proven itself in other contexts (such as the project, Twines of Colesion),which implies a special empathy. Drummer drummer Thompson couldn’t be a more correct choice to give fire to the music comprising “Dreams From a Clown Car.” Another remarkable achievement.


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