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From the Sky


Cene Resnik Quartet Live

Aljosa Jeric (d), Cene Resnik (ts), Emanuele Parrini (v), Giovanni Maier (b),


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Don’t feel disconnected to the world if you don’t know the name Cene Resnik. Only now all things happening in the fields of Slovenian jazz and improvised music start to be known outside the frontiers of this young European country born from the death of Tito’s Jugoslavia. And what you can find there is really astonishing. You had a glimpse when Clean Feed released a recording by pianist extraordinaire Kaja Draksler – now it’s time to discover the music of this tenor saxophonist who study and practice meditation and whose vision of what is normally called “free jazz” is tinted by his Buddhist beliefs. With the help of violinist Emanuele Parrini, double bassist Giovanni Maier and drummer Aljoša Jerič, Resnik forged a refreshing improvisational practice, free from any constraints but commited to the jazz language. No, the fact there’s a tenor and a violin involved doesn’t imply any special Albert Ayler influence – things are a bit more complex and less stereotyped. After all, what we would expect from someone who was a pupil of such different musicians like Archie Shepp and Joe Zawinul. Check it out and be surprised.



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