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I NEVER META GUITAR TOO (solo guitars for the XXI Century)



Alan Licht (g), Ava Mendoza (g), Ben Tyree (g), Dave Scanlon (g), David Grubbs (g), Hans Tammen (g), Joel Harrison (g), Manuel Mota (g), On Ka’a Davis (g), Richard Carrick (g), Shouwang Zhang (g), Steve Cardenas (g), Thomas Maos (g), Yasuhiro Usui (g), Zach Layton (g), Zachary Pruitt (g),

Also Available on iTunes

Also Available on iTunes

This is the second volume of “I Never Meta Guitar”, an ongoing compilation dedicated to the guitar, in its various possibilitiess and persuasions. It’s organized by one of the masters of this instrument, Elliott Sharp, and that says much about the content. All the pieces included are originals, and all of them were recorded by guitarists, among the «celebrated» and the «unsung», as Sharp puts himself, who have something special to say. Ava Mendoza, Ben Tyree, On Ka’a Davis, Shouwang Zhang, Joel Harrison, Yasuhiro Usui, Steve Cardenas, Marco Cappelli, Alan Licht, David Grubbs, Han Tammen, Zach Layton, Thomas Maos, Zachary Pruitt, Richard Carrick, and Manuel Mota are now the chosen ones. The result is like a tapestry of the best and most advanced guitar music being played today, be it acoustic, electro-acoustic, electric or entering the electronic field. You’ll finally understand how tendencies in procedures and aesthetics are being organized and you’ll find out some tracks enlightening as to what the future can be. A document you can’t ignore and one to be savored.




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