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Mount Meander

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Mount Meander

Karlis Auzins  tenor & soprano saxophone | Lucas Leidinger  piano | Tomo Jacobson  double-bass | Thomas Sauerborn  drums

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Confirming that jazz is an universal language, here is a trans-national quartet featuring musicians from Germany, Latvia and Poland, in the two last cases living in Copenhagen. If you don’t recognize the names of these four representatives of a new generation of European musicians, namely Karlis Auzins, Lucas Leidinger, Tomo Jacobson and Thomas Sauerborn, certainly you’ll know some of those with whom they already established exciting partnerships: John Tchicai, Mat Maneri, Lotte Anker, Andrew D’Angelo, Adam Rudolph, Randy Peterson, Kresten Osgood, Sidsel Endresen and Frank Gratkowski. This gives you an idea of what to expect: music with an attitude, and the attitude is to function as one organism. Not a simple gathering of four individuals, but a complete being committed to intuitive and collective free improvisation. Does it mean this is non-idiomatic improvised music, to use the label invented by Derek Bailey? Not quite: the band Mount Meander uses musical idioms to tear down the borders between jazz, the avant-garde, world music, rock and pop, and precisely because this CD isn’t about genres. It’s all about unity, equality, trust and communication. Are you ready for them?

All compositions by Karlis Auzins, Lucas Leidinger, Tomo Jacobson & Thomas Sauerborn

Recording by Thomas Sauerborn at Monastic Studios, Copenhagen on 9th May 2015 | Mixing & Mastering by Christian Heck at Tonart Studio
Produced by Mount Meander | Executive production by Pedro Costa for Trem Azul | Photos by Malwa Grabowska


4 reviews for Mount Meander

  1. Madalena Borges

  2. Cezary Lerski

    If you check any respectful dictionary for definition of “jazz”, you will come across many statements emphasizing everything from the improvisation, to syncopation, American art, to the African rhythm. What all those prevailing definitions have in common, is lack of “human” aspect. This is wrong, after all, any music, especially improvised, can’t be make without homo sapiens; without people, musicians working together.

    “Mount Meander” album is a perfect proof for the above statement. This truly human, “border-crossing” project which was released by Portugal label, features musicians from Germany, Latvia and Poland, and musical flavors and inspirations from all the musical pots. I personally found ghosts of Bennie Maupin’s from Bitches Brew (even though no bass clarinet is featured on this album), Lutosławski’s chamber works; reflections on Young/Riley/Reich/Glass concepts, and the spirit of the late Albert Ayler. I am pretty sure that others will find completely different inspirations and recollections. And this is a point, what is especially fun about this album, is the fact that when trying to find your own inspirations and musical anchors, the listener is drown very deeply into the music, and to the certain level, participate in “creating” it for yourself.

    But what distinguishes this music the most is the level of communication and cooperation among the musicians. This is a truly leader-less band, a collective endeavor, a homo sapiens project. This is not necessary a unrestrained conversation, nor free ideas exchange or some kind of “mystical” musical bond in making. “Mount Meander” more about human sensibilities, creative process, and this special moments when music transcends the genres, and art surpasses your own limitations.

    A truly memorable project. Strongly recommended.

    Cezary Lerski (Polish Jazz Net)

  3. Madalena Borges

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