Dennis González / João Paulo

João Paulo piano / Dennis González  bb cornet, c trumpet

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This music is the result of an encounter between two great musicians living in two very distant parts of the world: Texan trumpeter/cornetist Dennis Gonz�lez and Portuguese pianist Jo�o Paulo Esteves da Silva had never met before this recording session (and then just a couple of concerts in Portugal to prepare for it). They weren’t even much aware of each others’ musical projects � only the jazz format and the practice of improvisation could enable such a meeting to take place, and the resulting CD is a wonder of musicality, togetherness and joy. The fact that their respective activities developed away from the principal centers where the music �happens� is sufficient explanation for the reasons that they’re not widely recognized as the masters they really are, but that circumstance also explains the individualistic voices they present to us. Gonz�lez has played with legends such as Famoudou Don Moye, Charles Brackeen, Reggie Workman, John Purcell, Oliver Lake, and Malachi Favors, and that says much about his profile. A virtuoso on the piano, Esteves da Silva is an undeniable figure in his country, with standing requests coming from artists from genres other than jazz. In duo, Gonz�lez and Jo�o Paulo play a delicate, beautiful music full of spirituality, nuance and drive, with roots in the post-bop tradition but free flowing and universal in dimension. Something very, very special…



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