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Matthieu Donarier  | Santiago Quintans

Matthieu Donarier  tenor saxophone & clarinet | Santiago Quintans  electric guitar

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The association between Spanish (living in France and being a part of its jazz scene) guitarist Santiago Quintans and French saxophonist Matthieu Donarier is the consequence of a “carte blanche” given to the first one in order to form a couple of duos. First, Quintans had double bassist Paul Rogers as partner and the results were more than positive. Then, came Donarier and something particularly special happened. Quintans found a musical soulmate. Like him, Donarier has as a principle not to exclude anything from music, be it abstract textures or ear-tintilating melodies, microtonal explorations or the good old counterpoint, linear phrasings or polirhythmic constructions. For them, the invitation to “free the jazz” is literal: they use everything at their disposal, with no preconceptions regarding any convention and the usual divisions between what’s considered “mainstream” or “avant-garde”. “Sun Dome” is true open jazz played with a sculptor approach, and this means that in every moment we hear the sounds being modeled, as if they were clay, wood or stone. This has some welcomed implications: the act of listening to the other comes like a gesture, and both these musicians not only play their instruments as they play the space around them. The result is pure magic.

All tracks are spontaneous compositions by Matthieu Donarier & Santiago Quintans, unless otherwise indicated

Recorded, mixed and mastered by David Veyser at L’Excelsior (Allonnes, F) and Echo Studio (Guichen, F)
Produced by Matthieu Donarier and Santiago Quintans | Executive production by Pedro Costa for Trem Azul| Design by Travassos

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