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Surface Tension


Steve Adams Trio

Ken Filiano (b), Scott Amendola (d), Steve Adams (reeds),

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A member of the celebrated Rova Saxophone Quartet, saxophonist and flutist Steve Adams develops his own personal projects in the jazz and contemporary music fields with equal praise from both the media and listeners. His trio with Ken Filiano (double bass) and Scott Amendola (drums) is one of the best examples of group improvisation, the pieces seamlessly blending the spontaneous and the composed. This is something only possible when there’s a shared concept, extraordinary skills to realize it precisely, and flexibility to create music which is more, much more, than the combination of each part. In his liner notes for �Surface Tension�, Adams writes about �the mysterious but vital chemistry that is crucial to making music like this really happen�, and it’s totally true. Nobody can explain the kind of interaction achieved here, but you only have to listen to it to believe it. When the three musicians perform written music, it is so organic and fluid that it seems improvised, and that makes one thing clear: we’re in the presence of extraordinary artists. Do yourself a favor and spend some time with this energetic, liberating music from the frontline of today’s jazz.



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