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Takes Off


Platform 1

Joe Williamson (b), Ken Vandermark (ts), Magnus Broo (t), Michael Vatcher (d), Steve Swell (tb),

Also Available on iTunes

Ken Vandermark can be a musician of many projects, but even the name “Platform 1” indicates that this is not simply one more band in his career. The title of the group’s first album prepares you for what’s coming with a bang- the sonic assault of this quintet is like the lift off of a rocket. Their music is the burning free bop you would expect from the people gathered here: Swedish Magnus Broo, a direct heir to trumpeters like Clifford Brown and Lee Morgan; American trombonist Steve Swell, a disciple of Roswell Rudd and the great cutting edge tradition he represents; Canadian, though now living in Stockholm, Joe Williamson, one of the most important double bassists working today in Europe; American, but for many years established in Amsterdam, Michael Vatcher, a drummer with extraordinary skills and exceptional groove. An American saxophonist and clarinetist influenced by the creative histories of both the States and Europe, Vandermark couldn’t find better partners for the cosmic journey they’ve now started. Here they go, swinging throughout the planets and the stars…




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