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The Bird, the Breeze and Mr. Filiano


Paulo Curado e o Lugar da Desordem

Paulo Curado alto saxophone & flute / Ken Filiano double bass / Bruno Pedroso drums

Available on Amazon and iTunes

One of the most accomplished musicians in the Portuguese jazz and free improvised music scene, Paulo Curado plays with a credo: give disorder a place to develop and grow. Disorder, for him, is a pillar of freedom, freedom to create and freedom to deal with the jazz idiom. More than a philosophical point of view, this is his pragmatic approach to music. The veteran alto saxophonist and flutist sees the trio format as a micro-cosmos of society, a musical combination that enables free-associations that reflect everyday life, exploring the differences in personalities, backgrounds, interests, and conceptions that are inherent in social activity. “The Bird, the Breeze and Mr. Filiano” is the result of the association of an unorthodox jazzman (Curado) who also composes for the performing arts and film (with a particular interest for animated cartoons), a bassist with classical education and strong roots in jazz history but also the vocation to go beyond the tradition (Ken Filiano), and a drummer who plays mainstream and avant-garde with equal conviction and skill (Bruno Pedroso). The recording is a wonder of purpose, delivery, drive and energy, with focused attention to detail and nuance. It demonstrates that a power jazz trio can be sensible and lyrical, even if in a twisted way.


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