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Trio Viriditas

Alfred Harth (reeds), Kevin Norton (d), Wilber Morris (b),

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Trio Viriditas has in it’s three musicians full equality; saxophonist Alfred Harth, bass player Wilber Morris, and drummer, percussionist, Kevin Norton. Each with an equal role in the speech, improvisation and composition.

And this is a triangle of great improvisers.

The twelve songs that compose “Waxwebwind@ebroadway” vary in rhythmic design and compositional structure, presenting an unusual dynamic in a trio setting.
Alfred Harth is a musician with a great sound expression and intuitive language, displaying an impressive technical control both over saxophone and clarinet. His spirit, lyric and innovator, waves over the whole recording session, giving it a unique coherence.

Wilber Morris is a veteran, a musician with an unusual sensibility, whose presence marked many of the most important recordings of contemporary Jazz. From his bass, we don’t hear rhythm but one architecture of sounds. He played with Sun Ra, David Murray, Don Cherry and Max Roach to name but a few.

Kevin Norton is a complete percussionist. His work impresses both in it’s rhythmic construction and dynamic. His presence is, in a surprisingly musical way, almost invisible. A rhythmic lightness that surrounds the tones and colors of the Trio Viriditas.





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