2015 first Batch

We are very happy to announce this first and great batch of release of the new year. It’s not only great because it’s big but because the music in all of them is so amazing.

600x600-3CF 315 Chris Lightcap’s Bigmouth “Epicenter”

Chris Lightcap’s Bigmouth second chapter for CF demonstrates how tight and special this band is. After the previous hit album “Deluxe”, this amazing quintet delivers more ear catch melodies and devoted solos from everybody in the band.

 600x600-4CF 319  Mario Pavone “Blue Dialect”

After almost 15 years wishing to put out some special project of Mario Pavone’s music the occasion finally happened. What else could we wish more than this outstanding piano trio with two of the firefront players of our time, Matt Mitchell on piano and Tyshawn Sorey on drums.

CF 320CF 320 Deux Maisons “For Sale”

First time also for trumpet raising star Luis Vicente on Clean Feed. This very original music comes from the heads and hearts of some of the most amazing players of French new generation, the Ceccaldi brothers, and a very special musician/drummer named Marco Franco. This record will surprise many people but not the ones that heard this band live before.

 CF 323CF 323  Eve Risser “Des pas sur la neige”

One of our favourite records in recent years was “En Corps” trio with Eve, Benjamin Duboc and Edward Perraud on the great french label Dark Tree. If you don’t have a copy just get it on http://www.darktree-records.com/en, Bertrand Gastaut’s label doesn’t do much but what they do is really special. All this to say that releasing a solo Eve Risser record is very special to us. She’s totally unique. Amazing technique outside and inside the piano, great taste and a rare sense of exploration through beautiful landscaping atmosphere.

 CF-324-1CF 324  Pascal Niggenkemper solo “Look with thine ears”

Pascal’s solo record can be discribed as putting the bass to sing with everything he has (both the instrument and the musician). Extended techniques, nerve, soulful music from the heart. A showcase of 21st century bass that shouldn’t be missed.

CFG 007CFG 007 Various Artists “I Never Meta Guitar Three”

Third chapter of this showcase of 21st century guitars. We really believe we’re writing history here. All songs are made specially for this project curated, produced and sometimes recorded, mixed and mastered by guitar ace Elliott Sharp. Through Elliott’s ears we can have a hint of what guitar can be today.

 s824569227251908062_p970_i4_w700CFG 008  Elliott Sharp “Octal Book 3”

Also third chapter for Octal’s journey by Sharp. His custom made handcrafted Koll 8 string guitar keeps sounding like nothing you heard before. Both the player and the instrument are one of a kind, as most of you know. Every Octal sound different from the one before so don’t dare to think that if you heard one you heard them all.

Additionally we have also four new releases on Shhpuma: Focus on the exceptional artist Helen Mirra that brings us two uncommon duets: first with the grandiose Fred Frith (exclusive on LP) and second with the Chicago based sound artist Ernst Karel. Finally two releases by the very talented Portuguese musicians Norberto Lobo / João Lobo, that prepared for us ten unclassifiable magnificent compositions. And Coclea that leads us trough a beautiful interstellar journey.

After such a hard year like 2014 was, the new year started with another shocking news, the death of the one and only Bostjan Cver from Cerkno, Slovenia. He was simply the best and a great inspiration for everybody that met him.

Anyways, 2014 saw the opening and closing of our record shop bar in Lisbon, the final days of our long lasting record shop (10 years of incessant activities!) and relocating to Parede where we stand 5 minutes walking to the closer by beach. Not bad place to work as you can figure.

Thanks for keep supporting Clean Feed!

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