Free Jazz review by Stef Gissels

Mostly Other People Do The Killing – The Coimbra Concert (CF 214)
In my latest review of “Mostly Other People Do The Killing”, I wrote “And when you hear some of their soloing in the wildest parts of their performance, you think : “why do these guys put themselves in this self-constructed cage?”, you think “what if they let things loose?”, you think “what if they just played what they truly felt instead of just performing an act to amuse the audience?”, you think “they could be the Chicago Bulls, but they act like the Harlem Globetrotters”, you think “it is show rather than art, but then performed by artists rather than showmen”.

Now, when hearing their new double live album, I have the same sentiment. The playing is even more superb, jaw-dropping and spectacular and fun, with changes of style, tempo, rhythm, arrangements, with tunes flawlessly merging into one another, with a band of equals that is fully at the same high level, throughout the album, diving and reworking jazz history, swing, blues, full of fun and drive and enthusiasm and raw and rebellious wildness of modern music, fully enjoying themselves in the process … with little jokes and quotes and throwing balls around for the other player to catch and pass on flawlessly at breakneck speed to the amusement of the audience.

The band is Peter Evans on trumpet, Jon Irabagon on sax, Moppa Elliott on bass and Kevin Shea on drums.

The downside of all the fun is the same as with all humor, it creates an emotional distance that needs to be bridged in true artistry. It is somehow non-committal, not the expression of real feelings of anger or madness or sorrow … but that is clearly not the intention either.
Great stuff, great fun.

(and did you expect a comment on the Keith Jarrett Köln Concert art work ressemblance?)

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