All About Jazz | John Sharpe’s Best Releases Of 2019

By John Sharpe

There’s sometimes a backlash against picking the year’s best albums. Understandably so when it entails pitting one honest artistic endeavour against another. Best to view the selections as a chance to pick up on something that you might otherwise have missed. As a listener I always look forward to the annual year end lists for precisely that reason. If you share the same taste (that’s the key bit) then you might well discover some unforeseen gems. In that spirit, if you like some of the same things as me, then these ten new issues which stood out among the 200 or so discs that I heard this year, could be for you!

-DKV Trio – The Fire Each Time (Not Two)
-Dave Rempis – Hiljaisuus (Aerophonic)
-Kris Davis – Diatom Ribbons (Pyroclastic)
-Sylvie Courvoisier | Mark Feldman Quartet – Time Gone Out (Intakt)
-James Brandon Lewis – An UnRuly Manifesto (Relative Pitch)
-Stephen Gauci – Studio Sessions Volume 1 (Gaucimusic)
-Jones Jones – A Jones In Time Saves Nine (NoBusiness)
-Matthew Shipp – Signature (ESP)
-Evan Parker – Chiasm (Clean Feed)
Veteran reedman Evan Parker links up with three younger Danes who go under the banner Kinetics on Chiasm. While originally a vehicle for the exploration of pianist Jacob Anderskov’s compositions, since its debut back in 2015 the band has developed into a free jazz outfit of the first order. The addition of Parker to the amen players does nothing to upset a balance in which there’s something of interest happening wherever you listen on the four collectively birthed tracks. The empathy is clear from the start of the high speed exchange. There’s an organic quality to the interaction, manifest in how the spotlight constantly shifts, but the unit’s strong suit remains the thickened staccato interplay that recurs throughout the program.
-Rodrigo Amado | Chris Corsano – No Place To Fall (Astral Spirits)


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