All Music Guide review by Michael G. Nastos

John Hebert Trio – Spiritual Lover (CF 175)Bassist/composer John Hebert’s second date as a leader lives up to its title perfectly, an ethereal set of primarily piano-bass-drums trio music in the modern creative style that is as haunting as it is substantive. Keyboardist Benoit Delbecq weaves magical spells on acoustic piano, synths, and the clavinet, while drummer Gerald Cleaver plays indirect rhythms anchored by supposition rather than straight beats. In the middle is Hebert, solid and unspectacular, bobbing or jabbing as his sidemen create utter mystery. Parsed drama crops up in the title track, during the symmetrical “Amdo,” and on pretty piano pieces moving from peaceful feelings to stair-step spirals. Spooky electronic-flavored space segments and some crazy music dot the landscape, but in the main, this is a set of enjoyable late-night music that is easy to digest and savor.

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