All Music Guide review by Scott Yanow

Ethan Winogrand – Tangled Tango (CF 074)

This program by drummer Ethan Winogrand covers a variety of post bop grooves and ideas, ranging from the one-chord vamp of “Tangled Tango” to more melodic pieces, usually including bits of humor and the catchy “Time To Kill.” Most of the selections are performed by a pianoless quartet with the talented saxophonist Gorka Benitez, the versatile guitarist Ross Bonadonna (who rocks out on “Tangled Tango”) and bassist Carlos Barretto. Trumpeter Steven Bernstein is an asset on five numbers while Eric Mingus plas electric bass on two songs. Tangled Tango is full of intriguing and generally colorful music, more notable for the group interplay than for individual heroics.

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