Avant Scena | Harris Eisenstadt – Canada Day Quartet Live

By Avant Scena

CANADA DAY QUARTET LIVE” was recorded by “Canada Day Quartet”. Modern, expressive and dynamic free improvisations are the main basics of this quartet. All musicians are famous and featured figures of international avant-garde jazz scene. Here together improvise Nate Wooley (trumpet), Alexander Hawkins (piano), Pascal Niggenkemper (bass) and Harris Eisenstadt (drums, compositions). The innovations of avant-garde jazz, sonoristic experiments, astonishing riffs and remarkable melodies – that’s the base of their music. The improvisers already have an original and exclusive playing technique, inspiring way of playing, splendid virtuosity and wide musical knownledge.

Drive, expression and emotions of all ranges are joined together in “CANADA DAY QUARTET LIVE”. Four great jazz masters are improvising with fantasy and creativity. Each of them has an independent style, unique sound and modern conception of avant-garde jazz. The musicians do their best to create an astonishing, evocative and dynamic sound. They’re showing huge range of playing techniques, the best capacities of improvising and wide knownledge of musical language. The compositions have a multi-layed musical pattern. It’s based on remarkable expressive melody line, dynamic rhythmic section, sharp modern harmony section and gorgeous background. Another one especially important element – instrumental section. It’s completely based on evocative sonoristic experiments, strange sounds, research of new extended playing techniques and experimental ways of playing. All that finally makes an effective, bright and exclusive instrumental section. Nate Wooley and Alexander Hawkins are the main figures of the melody line. A combo trumpet + piano makes a driving, expressive and passionate mood of the melody line. Nate Wooley’s trumpet is thrilling, hot, explosing and expressive. Improviser is using wide range of playing techniques, ornaments and improvising manners. Sudden changes and bright contrasts, same as spontaneous impressive free improvisations as well, contain the main base of his improvisations. Trumpet’s improvisations is the place where terrific extremely loud culminations go straight down to silent pauses, light flowing passages grow directly to dramatic rigorous blow outs, terrific blowing riffs, sharp hysteric solos or remarkable melodies. All wide spectre of emotions, moods and characters is created. That certainly is the main reason why these compositions are played with passion, drive and affection. Energy explosions, terrific passages, repetitive series, sharp breaking sequences which make a great background to expressive passionate melodies and sparkling free improvisations. Spendid virtuosity, drive, full blasts of energy, breaking sessions, moving thrills, all kinds of ornaments, colors, motions and special effects are the main elements of Alexander’s Hawkins music. It’s – bright, moving, thrilling, interesting and wild. Suggestive and inspiring bass line is created by Pascal Niggenkemper. An experienced talented bassist is expressing huge range of moods and expressions. Modern innovations, new conception, wide musical knownledge and original ideas are the main reasons why this music is so touching, interesting and inspiring. The bassist is getting on striking passages, flowing rapid ornaments, emotional solos, dramatic blooming culminations or calms down to silent, static and calm bass line which is illustrated by special effects and sonoristic experiments. Drums section by Harris Eisenstadt is simply fantastic – a drummer (who’s also the author of album’s compositions) is showing his best capacities of improvising. His music is a burst of energy, drive and passion. Thrilling active mood is leading everywhere and sometimes is changed by static, monotonic, sleepy, silent or meditative samples. Hysteric riffs, breaking sessions, flowing dizzy passages, monumental culminations illustrated by tiny gorgeous ornaments and home-made ways of playing – that’s the base of these compositions. All music of this album is made with passion and creativity – musicians are using their fantasy and excellent playing abilities to make an inspiring, interesting, dynamic and sensible sound.



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