Avant Scena | Marty Ehrlich,John Hebert & Nasheet Waits – Trio Exaltation

Trio Exaltation” is another new release by “Clean Feed”. Album was recorded by Marty Ehrlich (alto sax, clarinet, bass clarinet, wooden flutes), John Hebert (bass) and Nasheet Waits (drums). The music of these musicians is based on different music styles. Each of them has an interesting and original playing manner. Exotic sounds, eclectic combinations, strange, provocative and extravagant musical decisions and improvisations in-the-spot – that’s just a part of their improvisations. The compositions usually have rich, evocative and interesting musical language, which is formed by extended playing techniques, excerpts of the famous jazz themes by modern and avant-garde jazz masters and dozens of colorful, modern and passionate playing manners, expressions, sounds, dynamics and rhythms. The musicians are trying out new ways of playing – they are concentrating in search of unusual sounds and timbres and expansion of traditional abilities of their instruments. Improvisations always are folled with brave and noisy musical experiments, colorful and dynamic changes and have remarkable and interesting sound.

The music of this album is based on synthesis between avant-garde jazz and various modern jazz styles. Rich and modern musical language formed by polyphony and interesting melodic section. Original themes by each musician are mixed together with famous, beautiful and the most effective themes of various great jazz masters. The marvelous synthesis between bebop, post-bop, neo bop, hard-bop, free jazz, creative and experimental jazz are synthesized with unique playing manners by each musician and interesting sound. Musicians are revealing their masterful abilities – their music is full of brave and evocative musical decisions, have colorfu, effective and innovative instrumentation and bright sound. All musicians are improvising with passion and especially expressive – their music is full of active, rapid and vivid solos, which are changed silmunateously. Marty Ehrlich reeds melodies give us a wide spectre of different colors, tones and sounds. Expressive and turbulent saxophones, vivid and rapid solos of clarinets, deep and vibrant bass lines, dynamic rhythmic and sharp harmony form the basics of his improvisations. Bright and loud clarinets are contrasting with expressive and vivid saxophones – these instruments are used silmunateously and effectively go along together. Soft, gorgeous and interesting flutes are the opposites for harsh, dramatic, turbulent, vibrant and intense blow outs of saxophones and clarinets. Deep and static bass lines played by bass clarinet, form solid rhythmic basement. Musician masterfully switches between different and contrasting tones, sounds, manners, expressions, experimental and traditional ways of playing – all these elements are mixed together and bring effective and remarkable sound. John Hebert bass improvisations reveal the other side of these compositions. Subtle, calm and silent solos, deep and repetitive bass lines, quiet and soft sound – all these elements are the main part of his improvisations. It has effective, vibrant and interesting sound and create a bright contrast between reeds and drums. Bass improvisations also have the culminations – it’s based on expressive and vibrant solos, rapid and active passages, colorful pizzicato and dynamic rhythmic. The dramatic and active mood is created by using dozens of different playing techniques. Drums section by Nasheet Waits is colorful, bright and expressive. It’s based on contrasts = calm and relaxing pieces are combined with expressive, loud and passionate solos. Dynamic, rapid and constantly changing rhythms and rhythmic figures are fused together with repetitive, monotonic and peaceful rhythms. Musician is the master of fusing all these different elements of musical language in one place = he travels between different moods, senses, expressions and playing techniques and likes brave and innovative musical decisions. The music of this album has interesting, impressive and remarkable sound.



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