Cadence Magazine review by Grego Applegate Edwards

Will Holshouser + Bernardo Sassetti – Palace Ghosts and Drunken Hyms (CF 160)
Clean Feed will turn around and surprise you once in a while with a release that virtually nobody expects. In this case it is a piano-accordian-trumpet-acoustic bass lineup in an unusual Eurofolk-Jazz meld. Now that might give you some misgivings before even hearing it, but hold on. This may be an unusual configuration but the music has appeal. Ron Horton’s trumpet has the requisite obligatto touch, almost like a Wild Bill Davidson transplanted to a village somewhere. Sassetti plays deceptively simple accompaniment sometimes, other times he is an integral voice in the song-structure. Then he’ll step out for a solo that combines the Folk charm with Improv-Jazz inflection. Holshouser plays a folksy accordion that will surprise you with something out of character for such a role, and so will the Phillip’s bass in doing its underpinning. Holshouser’s “Dance of the Dead” in seven is fetching; he pens many (most) of the songs on this set, all of which have interest. “Irreverent” is by Sassetti and it too is in the folksy-meets-progres-sive vein. It’s a disk I thought I wouldn’t like. But it’s so good at what it does, and what it does has so many delightfully unexpected moments, I did.
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