Cadence Magazine review by Jason Bivins

Trespass Trio – …was there to illuminate the night sky (CF 149)
On “…Was There to Illuminate the Night Sky” he realizes a gorgeous combination of the folkish themes EC often explores and the relative minimalism of his other interests. From the somber and quavering sounds on the opener, you know it’s a distinctive trip, borne on washes of sound from Zanussi’s groaning bass, Kuchen’s baritone, and Strid’s swells. On subsequent tunes, they seem to sound almost like their key interest is recognizing the explosive passions at the heart of the music and seeing how long they can restrain themselves from giving vent. Hear this in the slight throb and multi-directional patter of “Sad salsa,” and the furtive, skulking “Walking the Dead” (with a nice longtone, cymbal sizzle at the end). But the muscular bustle of “Zanussi times”—with lusty alto—will please with its continuously changing rhythms. On the two incendiary versions of the title track, it’s a real kick to enjoy the mix of big rubbery lines from the bassist and tight, focused incisions from Kuchen (who is as likely to alter his tone and articulation as he is to respond in lockstep to rhythmic herky-jerk). Great stuff.
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