Cadence Magazine review by Jerome Wilson

CF 115Trio Viriditas – Live at Vision Festival IV (CF 115)
“Live at Vision Festival IV” is from a virtuoso trio, one that sadly didn’t get to play together much, Alfred (formerly known as “23”) Harth, Wilber Morris, and Kevin Norton mixing it up at the 2001 Vision Festival. There are the expected passages of hairy all out blowing here but there are also times when Norton switches to dream-like vibraphone playing and Harth does vocalized cries through his horns and the music really begins to sound otherworldly.
“Hiranyagarbha” is notable for bruising pizzicato playing by Morris, astringent bass clarinet from Harth and Norton’s ghostly vibes coming more to the fore. “Melancholy” and “Braggadocio” both have surprisingly solid Blues tenor lines over walking bass and vibes and elsewhere little bits of cawing trumpet and crashing drums emerge like a tipsy call to battle. The Vision Festival is dedicated to non-violence so it’s only appropriate that the set ends with a solemn rendition of Horace Silver’s “Peace,” showing that this trio could play straight beautifully. The passing of Wilber Morris means that we’ll never hear this particular trio again but on this night they were outstanding. ©Cadence Magazine, 2009

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