Cadence Magazine review by Jerome Wilson

Transit – Quadrologues (CF 143)
The group Transit contains musicians such as Reuben Radding and Nate Wooley, who are known for doing more abstract music, but here the four men work together to form a powerhouse group sound. Seth Misterka’s alto and Wooley’s trumpet are consistently powerful whether pealing out lyrical melodies or spitting intense whispers. But it’s the rhythm section of bassist Radding and drummer Jeff Arnal that really holds it all together with deep, thudding rhythms in the energy sections of this work and enveloping cymbal and bow work on the quiet parts. “Flip” features shuddering sax and trumpet over rattling bass and drums that resolves into vocalized alto phrases. And “Walking On Fire” is hair-raising group shouting. “Speaking In Tongues” best shows the group’s strengths with Wooley crying forlornly in semi-Arabic wails over Arnal’s and Radding’s rubbery beats with Misterka oozing through the cracks. Transit is a band that shows a potent blend of exoticism and power.
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