Cadence Magazine review by Jerome Wilson

Wishful Thinking – Wishful Thinking (CF 078)
Wishful Thinking is a group of players from different parts of Europe who all (except the drummer) get to bring their own compositions to a fun session. There is a flavor of the bands of South African pianist Chris McGregor present in that the rhythm section seems to vibrate with energy throughout the session, creating a big raucous sound. Pianist Alex Maguire is the hero here threading through the tangle of horns and thick rhythm in constant motion. Trumpeter Johannes Kreiger and tenor player Alipio C. Neto have compelling moments all over the place while Ricardo Freitas’ viscous electric bass and Rui Goncalves’ noisy drums bring intriguing off-center rhythms to the party. Settings range from semi-abstract funk on “Hina’s Fate” and “Electrico 28” to crisp soul playing on “Buffalo Bill” and hurried, off-kilter balladry on “443” and “Bundawar.” All five men rarely seem to be playing all at the same tempo at the same time but the slightly off-center mix works in their favor. Whatever different things are going on the overall sound holds together. I have no idea how they achieve this but what should be a ramshackle mess sounds compelling throughout. It’s definitely worth listening to.

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