Chicago Reader review by Peter Margasak

CF 141Lucky 7’s – Pluto Junkyard (CF 141)
The Lucky 7s recorded their first album, Farragut, the same week they made their live debut in early 2006—the band had formed when New Orleans trombonist Jeff Albert and two Katrina refugees who’d come to Chicago, drummer Quin Kirchner and bassist Matthew Golombisky, threw in their lot with veteran local trombinist Jeb Bishop. Given how new they were to each other at that session, it’s only natural that they sound much stronger and more unified on their recent sophomore effort, Pluto Junkyard (Clean Feed). Albert and Bishop wrote the lion’s share of the tunes, but Kirchner and saxophonist Keefe Jackson contribute as well, giving the album an impressive stylistic diversity, and the band makes much greater use of its size and range, driving each song with thrilling counterpoint harmonically rich vamps; in particular the four-horn front line, which also includes cornetist Josh Berman, sounds even bigger than it is. The starkly minimalist framework of Jackson’s “Cultural Baggage” throws the extroverted solos from Berman and Jackson—who sounds as wild and ecstatic as I’ve ever heard him—into thrillingly sharp relief, and Bishop’s elegant “Jaki’s Walk” cycles its sophisticated theme through episodes of varying rhythmic intensity, from serene to aggressive, with Jason Adasiewicz’s spiky vibraphone holding them all together.

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