Clean Feed Fest NY V May 7th to the 9th at Cornelia Street Cafe

Clean Feed Fest NY V
May 7th  9th

In 2007 Cornelia Street Café had the pleasure of hosting the 2nd Clean Feed Festival and this coming May they will again present the fifth edition of the Festival. There couldn’t be a better venue then the Cornelia Street Café as it is one of the best places in New York for this kind of music. The interest manifested in the four past years by the New York audiences in relation to the music released and staged by the Portuguese jazz label Clean Feed is more than a sufficient motive to keep it going on, and here we are again bringing to the Big Apple a bit of the enthusiasm lived now in Portugal in what concerns to jazz and improvised music. This years program is including local musicians, Portuguese ones (RED Trio and Tetterapadequ), one Belgium Quartet with a very singular singer (Hufflignon), one Swiss/American Quartet leaded by one of the strongest voices on the trombone today (Samuel Blaser Quartet),   a very special trio bringing together a brasilian living in New York for a long time, Ivo Perelman, joined by two of the most interesting string players of the Big Apple, Reuben Radding and Daniel Levin. Finishing the program three bands by some of the strongest names on the scene, Marty Ehrlich’s Rites Quartet exploring Julius Hemphill’s guide lines and music, Tom Rainey and his accolates Mary Halvorson and Ingrid Laubrock, and closing this event we’ll have the great Tony Malaby and his Apparitions quartet.This way one can get an idea of the large Clean Feed roster. With more than 180 titles already released and the fact that Clean Feed was chosen by the online magazine All About Jazz as one of the five more important jazz labels in the world in 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2009 and also nominated for the best jazz label of 2008 by the Jazz Journalists Association, this could be a good time for celebration in the world capital of jazz. We invite you to join us in this celebration, to enjoy the music and to try some traditional Portuguese products (wines, cheeses olives and olive oil) we’re bringing with us specially for you. We do want to serve you good music with some portuguese accent. Write it in your agenda: from May 7th to the 9th, Clean Feed will be right at your doorstep at the Cornelia Street Cafe, right in the heart of the Village.

Friday, 7th
8:30 – Peter Van Huffel / Sophie Tassignon “Hufflignon”
Sophie Tassignon – voice
Peter Van Huffel – alto and soprano saxophones
Samuel Blaser – trombone
Michael Bates – bass

9:45 – Ivo Perelman / Daniel Levin / Reuben Radding “Soulstorm”
Ivo Perelman – tenor saxophone
Reuben Radding – double bass
Daniel Levin – cello

11:00 – RED trio + Nate Wooley “RED trio”
Rodrigo Pinheiro – piano
Hernani Faustino – double bass
Gabriel Ferrandini – drums
Nate Wooley – trumpet

Saturday, 8th
8:30 – Samuel Blaser Quartet “Pieces of Old Sky

Samuel Blaser – trombone
Todd Neufeld – guitar
Eivind Opsvik – double bass
Billy Mintz – drums

9:45 – Marty Ehrlich Rites Quartet “Things Have Got to Change”
Marty Ehrlich – alto saxophone
James Zollar – trumpet
Erik Friedlander – cello
Michael Sarin – drums

11:00 – Tom Rainey Trio “Pool School”
Tom Rainey – drums
Mary Halvorson – guitar
Ingrid Laubrock – tenor saxophone

Sunday, 9th
8:30 – Tetterapadequ “And the Missing R”

Daniele Martini – tenor saxophone
Giovanni Di Domenico – piano
Gonçalo Almeida – double bass
João Lobo – drums

10:00 – Tony Malaby’s Apparitions “Voladores”
Tony Malaby- tenor and soprano saxophone
Sean Conly – double bass
Tom Rainey – drums
Satoshi Takeishi – drums, percussion

Friday and saturday: $20,00 ($10,00 for one set)
Sunday: $15,00 ($10,00 for one set)
Note: Half of it for Clean Feed artists

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