Dusted Magazine | Eric Revis — Sing Me Some Cry

By Bill Meyer

Bassist Eric Revis’ CV as a sideman runs the gamut from work with high-profile, top-drawer mainstream jazz bosses like Betty Carter and Brandford Marsalis to high-wire improvisation with Peter Brötzmann and the collective trio Tarbaby. Put him in the driver’s seat and his ensembles cover similarly broad terrain. This quartet pulls together key personnel from previous Revis-lead ensembles, and it’s a heavy crew; pianist Kris Davis, clarinet/saxophonist Ken Vandermark and drummer Chad Taylor are all leaders and composers on their own, and Revis takes full advantage of their talents here. The material ranges from massively stormy to fiendishly complex to quietly lyrical, with plenty happening behind each soloist to make this a set of complete musical performances rather than frameworks for one or more players to show their stuff.



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