Enola.be – Almeida | Duynhoven | Klein – Vibrate In Sympathy

By Guy Peters

A nice trio fled to Amsterdam with the German reed player Tobias Klein, one of Almeida‘s buddies at Spinifex and drum veteran Martin van Duynhoven, you really can not see all that often emerge out of the Ab Baars Trio. This is probably the most traditional jazz album that will be discussed this week, all will now also not say that the three lacks inspiration, because a nosedive taken by several decades jazz, and what look like flowing sounds fresh , spontaneous and surprisingly catchy. A few compositions are dedicated to some of Klein’s predecessors on the alto sax – Henry Treadgill, Oliver Lake and Ornette Coleman – but that should not mean that the trio therefore seeks out the gnarly places where these figures are or were known for.

Indeed, in opener “Threadbare” is an easygoing blues central. Small smooth and melodic solos are on the loose, while the rhythm section holds a loosely swinging course. Almeida with a dry, burly no-nonsense approach of Duynhoven with a very austere style of play, with drums and cymbals without much fanfare deployment. Does the composition vaguely reminds of Monk’s “Brilliant Corners”, it seems the reference elsewhere also make sense because Vibrate In Sympathy is regularly imbued with echoes from the past. “Lakeish” In its turn the jumpy from “Straight No Chaser”, although the trio after a minute left for a Vieve gear. Also “Werg” contains so lightning fast passages, but which will be interspersed with tight lyrical moments of relaxation. The title track dedicated to Coleman put the elegance of Kleins altsaxklank in the foreground.

Besides which instrument plays Klein also the bass clarinet and the rather rare contrabass clarinet. The latter provides the expected deep humming in “20 Kilos” (the weight of the instrument?), While the implementation of their bass clarinet a nervous dance in Dolphy tradition in the compact “Gneiss”. There is also a reprise of Almeida’s “Crime & Punishment” from the latest album Lama, while “Molenando” the only free improvised piece, moves further away from jazz in a zone of abstract sensing chamber. Vibrate In Sympathy is an album that totally lives up to its title. With this (keep them together under forty minute.



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