Free Jazz review by Stef

John Hébert Trio – Spiritual Lovers (CF 175)
Bassist John Hébert is a great composer. His approach is quite accessible and warm, with musical subtleties that bring it a little beyond the regular mainstream, without being too risk-taking. The trio further consists of the stellar Benoît Delbecq on piano, clavinet and synth, and the equally stellar Gerald Cleaver on drums. Most of the pieces are quite relaxed and downtempo, with the exception of Guacamolo that starts too sweet and slow and then moves into a higher tempo, with the synth completely destroying the piece, a thing which also happens on the last track (sorry guys, I don’t like the sound of it). Albums need variation, but this one was looked for in the wrong place. But not too negative, the rest of the album is good, with crisp playing by the three musicians.

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